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Types Of Bathroom Ceiling Cladding

When choosing the cladding materials, you need to determine those that will work well to enhance the overall design of the bathroom. There are many materials available in the market, made by different manufacturers. The following are three common types of ceiling cladding.


PVC planks are very popular due to their low cost and the wide variety available. The planks are waterproof and do not need maintenance, making them quite convenient. Most planks mimic the look of wood, and are available in different shades and colors.

The easy to apply planks do not require any paint and they can be installed over different types of ceilings including plaster and gypsum wallboard. The panels are attached using joints that come in different styles. The joints are often hidden away to give the ceiling a flawless effect.


Some people opt to install tiles instead of the long planks. Tile cladding can be used to create a very beautiful bathroom design and when matched with the shower wall panels can create a good modern look. PVC cladding tiles are also inexpensive and they come in many different colors and designs to suit any bathroom.

You can get some that look like stone, ceramic tiles or any other design that you like. They are also maintenance free and you will not have to go into the trouble of painting the ceiling every couple of months or years.
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